Microsoft 365 Licensing

By Aaron Dinnage

Last updated: February, 2021

This is my collection of Microsoft 365 Licensing Diagrams, updated as product names, feature inclusions, and license types change.

This web page provides the latest online versions of each diagram directly in your browser. Every feature tile is clickable for more information.

View individual diagram:

Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) Full - Simple
Microsoft 365 Business Full - Basic - Standard - Premium
Microsoft 365 Education Full
Microsoft 365 Student Use Benefit Venn - Simple
Microsoft 365 Enterprise Simple - Venn - Landscape - E3 - E5
Microsoft 365 Frontline Full - F1 - F3 - F5
Office 365 Education Full - Simple
Office 365 Enterprise Full - Simple - E1 - F3
Windows 10 Enterprise - Pro - VL

You will find the PDF, PNG, and SVG versions of the diagrams along with the Visio source files on GitHub, including as pre-packaged releases with diagram collections of a given file type.

Refer to the Change Log for update details.

I am a Microsoft employee but these are not official Microsoft published diagrams. They are a visual representation of the product licensing derived from the official online and partner-facing resources. I have carefully balanced the level of detail to ensure all the notable feature and license items are accounted for, but it is certainly the case that not all features are present in these diagrams. There are just too many to include! So my offer to you is that if you see something missing and believe it should be included please reach out and I will do my best to build it in to a subsequent release.

There is a feedback form to capture improvement requests and ideas, and a bug report form to capture any issues you might find. All feedback is greatly appreciated!

Feel free to connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn if you'd like to follow update announcements or discuss.

I first started publishing these diagams free on Twitter back in 2017. All along the way people have asked about how they could pay me back for the work I’ve done on them. I’ve certainly put countless hours of my own time into maintaining and developing this collection. In response to that regular request I’ve finally set up a page on PayPal where you can donate any amount you please. If I can cover my domain registration and associated costs then I'll be really pleased! So if you’ve found these diagrams useful and you’d like to give something back then you are welcome to make a donation, but please understand that you’re not paying me for future work. I can’t promise I’ll always be able to keep these up to date, though I will try!


- Aaron.