Windows 365

  • m365maps.com4 GB16 GB32 GB2 vCPU256 GB4 vCPU8 vCPU128 GB128 GB8 GB64 GB256 GB128 GB128 GB256 GB512 GB256 GB512 GBWindows 365 ConfigurationsWindows 365 BusinessWindows 365 Enterprise and FrontlineMaximum 300 usersNo limit on number of users, 3-to-1 license ratio for FrontlineCloud-only managementIntune or hybrid managementEntra ID joinedEntra ID or Domain joinedCustom Windows images·Windows Enterprise ·Microsoft Intune ·Entra ID Plan 1Requires qualifying licenses·Windows Hybrid Benefit reduces Windows 365 priceOptional BYO licensesEither connect to Azure vNet or monthly outbound data cap·2 GB RAM = 12 GB data cap ·4 GB RAM = 20 GB data cap ·8 GB RAM = 20 GB data cap ·16 GB RAM = 40 GB data cap ·32 GB RAM = 70 GB data capUser roles are configurableUser roles are configurableSupports Windows 10 & 11Supports Windows 10 & 11ProcessorMemoryStorageMonthly outbound data capProcessorMemoryStorageMicrosoft Managed Desktop supportedUniversal print integration